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China。Anhui。Huangshan 安徽黃山

 I spent three days and two nights visiting Huangshan and its nearby. Due to the schedule, I visited Jiulong Waterfall in my first day, then stayed within Huangshan scenic area for 2 days and one night.


Huangshan Jiulong Waterfall 安徽黃山九龍瀑

The entrance ticket of Huangshan is RMB 230 for adult, cable car ticket is RMB 80. I chose to visit Huangshan by walking, I think this way will allow me to see more details, although it was not easy.


Lucky is necessary if want to see whole mountains, because the weather always changing. Unfortunately, that day I visited Huangshan was heavy fog with small rainy. It was impossible to see anything on my way to top of mountain. The only think I did was walking. There is a local funny poem describes this condition:
See only fog when raise head, The trees stand on both sides of path;
Bow the head to walk carefully, Go directly to accommodation.


There are two main entrances from Southern Gate of Huangshan, they are Mercy Light Temple and Cloud Valley Temple, respectively. Because of fixing works, cable car were unavailable from Mercy Light Temple during my visited time, most tourists went via Cloud Valley Temple. But I went via Mercy Light Temple, and enjoyed the process of silence walking. Moreover, I booked the accommodation on the top in advance, so I was not hurry to go up and down in the same day.


The consumption level within Huangshan is high, because stuffs are transported by porters. I saw porters frequently when I walked along the mountain paths. They are admirable, need not only walk for long distance, but also carry these so heavy goods that around 20-30 kg.


Many people walked toward top. The heavy fog covered the upper part of mountain, it showed on this photo.


This is another choice for these persons who are difficult to walk by themselves--sedan chairs, let bearers help to overcome the long mountain roads. Actually, it is a little challenge to visit Huangshan, there are lots of stairs from beginning to end.


The way toward top of mountain 上山的路上

Arrived Guest-welcoming Pine after 3 hours walking. Due to fog, this pine was seen silhouette only.


Kept walking toward my accommodation, Paiyunlou Hotel, where is located near the Grand Canyon of West Sea. It was still fog, so not easy to see any scenery.


Brightness Top, 1860 meters, is second highest top of Huangshan. The highest top is Lotus Peak that is 1864 meters. It is said that the scenery of Brightness Top are very beautiful if the weather is good, unfortunately I could not see it by self.


To Leave Guest-welcoming Pine, I spend about 3 hours arriving Paiyunlou Hotel. After checking in and putting luggage down, continue to visit Grand Canyon of West Sea that is one of famous places of Huangshan, a newly-developed scenic area since May of 2001.


This was second time mountain roads for me today, I was happy to come here. Although it was still fog in the beginning, fog disappeared gradually during my walks, I was lucky to appreciate amazing scenery there, how magic it was!


A downhill walk took me deeper and deeper in the ravine, so cliffs and peaks became higher and higher. Fantastic mountains with some cloud, looked like ink painting! It was dreamy moment.


Lived in Huangshan for a night, then walked down via another road (to Cloud Valley Temple). People said that the road of Mercy Light Temple is majestic, road of Cloud Valley Temple is pretty. But the weather of this day was still bad, even worse than day before. Not only foggy but also rainy, I saw nothing. However, at least I had the nice experiences in Grand Canyon of West Sea, it was really unforgettable although just 1-2 hours.


The road of Cloud Valley Temple 後山雲谷寺步道景觀

The Geological Museum of Huangsha, located near Cloud Valley Temple.