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China。Xinjiang。Lake Sayram 新疆賽里木湖之塞外風光

The Xinjiang girl is from Ili basically, but studying in Beijing, so huge distance. She looked also different to the common Chinese face, some part similar to middle east or west people. It was interested me about the lineage of national minority. Apart from Uighur in Turpan region, the main resident in Ili region is Kazakh ethnic.


Went out the Ili train station, there were some tourist drivers there. We chose randomly one driver whose one of purposes was Lake Sayram. On our way to Lake Sayram, the scenery was totally different to Turpan; green was main color here.


Guozigou Bridge is highest freeway bridge in Xinjiang, it opened by the end of September, 2011. We were enjoying the beautiful scenery of Guozigou when drove on the bridge.


Not too far, we arrived the Sayram area. We booked a yurt for a night. Although it was not located on lakeside, it was not far to lake by foot. In addition, our yurt surround by beautiful mountains, felt good as well. The yurt was big, its space perhaps suitable for 6-7 persons, and we just two, so can roll inside.


Guozigou Bridge can be seen from our accommodation.

Climbed up the small mountain that located close our accommodation, I saw our yurt area and Guozigou Bridge, it was beautiful!


On the top of mountain, the Lake Sayram can be seen in another side of mountain.

This companion we met on our way toward lake, a funny camel 


Animal husbandry Road of Guozigou, this is a special road for animals. As nomads, Kazakh ethnic need to transfer their pasture few times per year. They used freeway before, but some traffic problems were always caused by this activities, until the animal husbandry road of Guozigou was built and used in 2013.



Beautiful Lake Sayram! There were many Kazakh people and their animals here. This is one of places for horse riding.


Every Kazakh people have wonderful skill to ride horses. According to one of horsemen, he started to learn riding since 6-7 years old. He showed us his perfect riding ability.


After knowing we are from Taiwan, these Kazakh people were excited to talk to us, there is another Taiwanese girl married to Kazakh boy and living here. Later I also saw the news online~  (The link as below, in chinese only)

當得知我們來自臺灣這群哈薩克人非常興奮的告訴我們這裡有位臺灣嫁來的姑娘問我們要不要也留下來 XD ~ 雖然無此打算但回來後倒也是看到這篇遠距離婚姻的報導~


When we return our yurt in the evening, there was a surprise: our ex-driver of chartered car, Xiao Bao, brought us a big water melon. Therefore, we experienced the typical Xinjiang style: “People wear a jacket in the morning, and wear gauze in the noon; sit around the fire place and eating watermelon”. This poem means the large temperature difference in Xinjiang. Because the gauze and watermelon are belong to the hot weather, jacket and fireplace should appear when temperature is down.


Took beautiful sunset as background, looked like fire to the mountain.