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China。Yunnan。Xishuangbanna I 西雙版納(一)

 Compared to the Xinjiang sights that we visited, the distance between every sceneries in Xishuangbanna were closer. So we lived in the Jinghong, and went to different places from Jinghong for visiting. In addition, almost every famous scenery areas need to pay for visiting, tickets are also not cheap if we want to go every sights. After discussing with little Liu, we decided to go Jino village, Dai community, Manting Park, Bin-Jinang night market, Lancang river and so on.


Jino village 基諾山寨

The Jino is one of minorities, and is the last one recognized by government of PRC, the population is around 20000. “Jino” in local language means “following the maternal uncle", and this name shows an indication of a matrilineal past. Visitors within the village need to travel as a group, so we were arranged to join other visitors together. Every visitors group were guided by locals Jino people, we spend about 2.5 hours to look around this village. The photo shows our Jino guide.


The statue of Jino’s ancestors and the bone of cow’s heads. To kill a cow is the a rite of passage for Jino male, so there were many cow bones here.


welcome visitors by playing traditional instruments 以傳統樂器迎賓

Some sceneries within the village 山寨內風光

The ticket including in two folk performances, and some snacks.

Corner of locals’ house 當地人家一隅

Dai community 傣族村落

After Jino village, we came to a Dai community. Dai is main ethnic group in Xishuangbanna, we can also know it based on the full name of this area: Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Dai is a matriarchal society, after marriage, the male need to work for female for 3 years. If female satisfy his results of work, then male can be accepted totally by female and her family.


It was free for visitors to visit this community. It is said that this was popularized by government as a Dai tourist site. There was a Dai guide for us visiting, she introduced some Dai culture and buildings, also guided us to visit her house. To visit the Dai house, it is necessary to take off the shoes. In addition, visitors can’t see the bedrooms. This rule is same to Jino, it is also not allowed to look the bedrooms in Jino’s houses, unless you plan to stay there in your all life. In the end of our visiting in Dai community, our guide introduced the silver goods to us, visitors welcome to purchase if you want.


This is typical Dai house with 2 layers. The ground floors usually used to store stuffs, and/or the space for livestock. The second floor is for human usage.

Manting Park 曼聽公園

Our visiting in Dai community was short, after that we came to Manting Park. Manting Park is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna, past it used to be Dai Imperial Garden.


The buildings inside the park make me felt in Thailand. It seems normal, because the Dai of Yunnan is closely related to the Thai of Thailand.


There was elephant performance in the park. But we decided to go around the park and take photos instead of watching performance. We were not interested in animals’ performances actually.



Driver Information -- little Liu 小劉師傅的資訊
Mobile phone 手機 18869155302

We found our driver via internet, he was recommended by other guests from China. Little Liu said that he and his father both are drivers of charter car.
We were his first Taiwanese guests.