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Turkey。Safranbolu 土耳其番紅花城

 Sari Konak Hotel was our accommodation in Safranbolu, it is located in a central old town, many unique ancient buildings, streets alleys, etc. nearby, is really amazing.

由於網路上的推薦,我們選擇Sari Konak Hotel做為我們在番紅花城的落腳處。旅社位於舊城區的街道內,觸目所見皆是很有特色的古城建築、街道巷弄等,實在令人驚艷。

After collating our luggages and finishing the breakfast, it is time to explore the old town. We took a look around the town by walking in the morning, then joined the local tour in the middle afternoon.
The mini tour hold by our hotel boss because he have also taxi business.


We felt comfortable and tranquil atmosphere when we walked in the beautiful streets of this old town. Instead of people, we met even more cats everywhere, they are also cute dwellers here~~


There is a hammam in the central old town, and a main street with more shops beside it. Through the main street, we went to Hidirlik Hill firstly where is nice place for us to look whole town.

古城中間有個土耳其浴澡堂,也是我們晚上將要來體驗之處。旁邊則是條商家比較多的古城街道。我們先往高丘Hidirlik Hill走去,想把這個城鎮一眼看盡。

We appreciated many beautiful views about culture in every corners of this town, in addition, we think that people are Interesting and enthusiasm here.

街道之間穿梭來去,到處都是美景。順便逛逛街上的各種小商店,老闆們有的靦腆可愛,有的大方熱情。一不小心,手上、嘴裡又多了些免費的小贈品~ XD

We ate lunch in a small restaurant that was a random choice originally, however, we liked its furnished, food; most important, the host family made us feeling warmly, therefore, we had a dinner at the same place. It was amazing that we received the nice gifts from madame when we left after dinner, how friendly~

中午要尋找午飯地點時,因緣際會下來到一條小巷間的一間小餐廳;原本只是隨機選擇,但裡面的佈置、食物、以及老闆全家人都讓我們感到溫馨,所以晚餐又去報到了~ 如果不是只在番紅花城待一天的話,我們應該會去更多次!在晚上臨走前,可愛的老闆娘還送我們小禮物留做紀念呢!

About the mini tour in the afternoon, according to hotel boss, there are three points worthy to visit around Safranbolu: Yörük Village, Incekaya aquaduct and caves Bulak Mencilis. However, we visited lots of caves in other places before, so we chose only Yörük Village and Incekaya aquaduct this time, 35 TRY/point.


We departed from Safranbolu about 2 pm, Yörük Village was our first stop, it is about 11 km far from Safranbolu. Yörük Village, a real Turkish Turkmen village, is also called "museum village". It is a small model of Safranbolu (Safranbolu is called "museum city").
The buildings' age of 
Yörük Village, oldest one is about 450 years, the newest one is about 90 years.

下午兩點多從番紅花城旅店門口出發,第一站來到尤路克村(Yörük Village)。此地有"博物館村"之稱,是真正土耳其土庫曼之建築村落,距離番紅花城大約11公里。尤路克村算是番紅花城的縮小版(因此番紅花城則被稱為"博物館城");在尤路克村的建築物年紀,最老是450年,最新的也有90年。

A museum in Yörük Village - Sipahioglu Evi, the entrance fee is 2 TRL/person.
在尤路克村的一間博物館 Sipahioglu Evi,門票一人2 里拉。

Then, we went to Incekaya aquaduct & Tokatli Gorge. Incekaya aquaduct is about 7 km far from Safranbolu, it was built during Byzantine times, cross the beautiful Tokatli Gorge. There is a glass viewing platform nearby, people also can look the canyon there.


Went down and visited the bottom of canyon.

Looked the glass viewing platform from bottom of canyon.

To go continuely along the road in the bottom of canyon should be back to Safranbolu, about 2-3hours. we met a team of 4-5 locals who was walking back!


Night view of glass viewing platform, the entrance fee is 3 TRL/person.

We spent about 3 hours for these mini tour (two points), and decided to experience Turkish bath in the night. The hammam we visited was Tarihi Cinci Hamami, was built in the seventeenth century, it located in the central old town, is said to be the only Turkish Baths that listed as a world's cultural heritage.
Male and Female are separated, 35 TRL /person for whole services.

我們選擇的土耳其浴場Tarihi Cinci Hamami建於十七世紀,位於番紅花城舊城區中央,據說也是世界上唯一被列為文化遺產的一個土耳其浴場。

Many small rooms for changing clothes and locating stuffs available in the lobby. Then we went inside with a large towels, it was very warm with steaming. It was about 40 min to a hour for the process, a female staff helped to wash all body and hair. After finishing all steps, people can stay inside longer if they want.