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Finland。Inari。Snow activities 雪地活動

 The winter activities, including in Husky experience, Exploring reindeer, Northern light, Snowmobiles, Ice-fishing, Sami culture and so on. Although these safaris are not cheap, it also worthy to join one because we cannot visit arctic frequently.


My sister and me have different preference of safaris, so we chose different activities with different new friends respectively. They joined the Ice-fishing, me and my new friend had a tour of Sami culture by snowmobile.
It spend about 3 hours, 140 euro per person.


After checking in, we changed clothes firstly. The specialized clothing for snow activities were provided. It was not necessary to wear own jackets. Only four persons joined this tour; except us, another elder couple came from Germany.

於約定時間到達酒店隔壁專辦活動的Lake & Snow Inari後,就先來換裝啦。這套雪地連身防寒裝加上安全帽就是我們的配備了,不用穿自己的外套,還蠻保暖的。參加此活動的除了我們兩個女生之外,還有一對德國老夫妻。

The leader said that we were good snowmobile rider. That was for sure, because motorcycle is our main transport vehicles in Taiwan :-)


Lake Inari is the third largest in Finland, we visited Sami culture sites through this lake. There are over three thousands islands distribute over lake. Ukonkivi was our first stop, it was sacred natural formation and used as a sacrificial site for local Inari Sami. We walked to the top and saw around, so beautiful~~


Next, we visited Hautuumaasaari, that is a graveyard island which served as cemetery of ancient Sami people, the island is also a historical sacrifice place of the ancient inhabitants of the area.


Then, we had a coffee break. Our leader is very professional to make a fire here. He is nice person with Sami origin.

接下來點心時間,看領隊熟練的在雪地中生火,真是專業!順帶一提,我們的領隊也是個薩米人。 :)

After coffee and snacks, we went to a cabin for making more firewood. Many wood is stored here, we took some and chopped them. It is necessary for preparing some firewood beside campfire, for next used. In terms of chopping, the German companion was very good than us ~

享受完咖啡點心時間,領隊帶我們到附近的小木屋取木頭劈柴,幫下一批來這裡的人準備乾柴,就像上一批的人幫我們準備乾柴一樣。說到劈柴,那位德國爺爺還挺厲害的 :D

Then, we returned to the building of Lake & Snow Inari , finished this tour. It was a nice experience for us to explore the snow world and Sami culture.
I met the snowing when walked to accommodation, It was rare for me because I am from subtropical country. This scene let me realized what I learned from textbook of junior high school, something describe about snowing.


I also saw other activities in these few days except this Sami culture, such as reindeers. They were so cute~ 


Lovely Husky, but he is a pet.
這是哈士奇,不過牠是別人的寵物,不是雪橇隊一員 XD

Also, we tried to make a snowman as people usually do in the snow region.

In addition, as a subtropical inhabitants, we love to eat shaved ice if the weather too hot. Therefore, we try to make some here just for experience, buy a chocolate with the ice everywhere~ tasted good, but it seems a little crazy :-P

還有,應該只有台灣人會想到的.....刨冰體驗。去超市買個巧克力醬,然後就有數不盡的冰可以讓你無限續碗啦 XD,冰酥綿綿的,加上巧克力的滋味還不錯 ^^

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