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Seasons of Finland 芬蘭四季


In Spring, variety of known or unknown wildflowers grow up, Dandelion is one of significant one, Lupin is another beautiful but powerful alien species. The weather is still unstable, rainy with sometimes sunshine and even hail. When walking, be careful the muddy ground due to melting snow.


1st of May is Labour Day, called Vappua in Finland, can be seen as national drinking day. After long winter, Vappua mean the spring/summer is coming, it is indeed a good reason to celebrate! Students and everyone wear white hats and drink for celebrating, a special ceremony always holds is helping statue to wear hats as well, and new students go into the water!
This day was my first time to see so many people on the street since I came to Finland. It was interesting to see this special ceremony.

雕像戴白帽,新生水中泡;這都是儀式內容。這不巧今年天氣沒有像往年的晴天,而是有點陰涼;看著泡水渾身濕透的學生們,自己都冷起來了~~ :P 但還是澆不熄青春熱火,甚至還有更多的人衝下水去一起同樂。

Students were lifted in order to wear the statue hat & passionate students who rushed into the water.

Happy people drank in the pool~


Whenever the wind, lots of dandelion's seeds flutter in the sky, look like snowing.

The short and lovely summer time can't be use just in offices or schools for sure, Finns usually have holidays during summer. People maybe go to summer cottages, to travel, or join many activities.


To Rent a land and plant some plants, that is a good activity during summer.

In this season, forests show variety green, people enjoy to spend time in forests, pick berries, swim in lakes and so on. I swam in 5-6 lakes of Finland during this summer, despite of sizes and depths were different, they were same natural and comfortable.


Dog also enjoyed swimming 隨主人一同來戲水的狗

Dwellers of Forests 夏天的森林,生意盎然!


Red, orange, yellow and green are the components of leaves, their brilliant is like the God knocked over his paints accidentally, the world suddenly become colorful. At the same time, mushrooms appear in the forests gradually (Finland。Vihti。Mushroom picking 採菇初體驗). People always can find some surprises when visit forests. In Finland, the relationship between human and nature is very close.

紅橙黃綠的各色樹葉與落葉組合成秋天特有的燦爛色彩,像是上帝不小心打翻了祂的顏料,世界頓時變得美不勝收。與此同時,森林提供的新產品也悄悄上市了;不管是自己呼朋引伴或是參加單位團體的活動,總是要找個時間去森林逛逛,採摘正新鮮的菇類來加菜(Finland。Vihti。Mushroom picking 採菇初體驗)。森林是人類的衣食父母,在與自然關係密切的芬蘭更可以體會到這一點。

Fruitful apple trees everywhere 秋收--隨處可見結實纍纍之蘋果樹

準備南下,長途飛行前之盛宴 Feast before leaving



 In winter, everything is tranquil. November is notorious dark months of a year. In terms of 2014, there was only 13 hours sunny during whole of November, most of days were dark and cloudy, was like to live in the room without window; it was easier to feel depression under this weather. Therefore, the Finnish word for November, is "Marraskuu", means "Death moon".

冬季,一切歸於沉靜。十一月是臭名昭彰的黑暗月,以今年來說,整個十一月只見到陽光13小時,每天暗沉烏黑的像住在沒有窗戶的房間,有時會有心靈窒息之感,也難怪芬蘭文的十一月叫Marraskuu,意思是"死亡之月",通常這月的自殺率會提高。但好在我這個月課程挺忙,沒空憂鬱 :-P

4-5pm beside the library of Viikki, looked like midnight~

From December, it perhaps start to snow frequently. If so, then everyone are happy whether adults or children. The snow can not only makes world brighter, but also get people to enjoy the winter activities.


To stand between sky and earth covered with snow, I feel dreamy. Think back when I was young, collected many cards /postcards, most of which were such scenes. And now, I am really in this picture, it is really incredible ~


I made this snowman few days ago, it was -12. My finger almost froze although I used heater sometimes. When my Finns roommate was home, she told me the better temperature to make snowman should be -2 ~ 0.... :-P

某天零下12度時跑出去堆的雪人,堆一半還須跑回公寓吹暖氣才能繼續,儘管帶著手套,但還是感覺手指皆已麻木。當天芬蘭室友下班後秀雪人給她看,結果她說,-2 ~ 0度才是最佳堆雪人的溫度.....